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Rajapaksas intend to stay in power forever – Ajith P. Perera

Non-Cabinet Minister Ajith P. Perera charged today that the Rajapaksa-led Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) plans to stay in power forever by purging their opponents after somehow winning the upcoming presidential election.

Addressing the media in Colombo today (29), the Minister said that under the present Government, no public servant was ill-treated as a result of political influence.

“Public servants clearly remember how certain members of the previous government made school principals kneel before them. One Minister even tied a Samurdhi officer to a tree. We, on the other hand, safeguarded the public service and the judiciary. No public servant got wounded, kidnapped or killed,” Perera said.

Commenting on a controversial remark attributed to President’s Counsel Mohamad Ali Sabry, Perera said the latter’s statement on Muslim people reflects the opinion of the entire SLPP camp.

“Sabry has lost his sense of judiciary independence and his sense of democracy. The whole Gotabaya Rajapaksa camp is like this. If he regains power, it won’t be just the Muslims who don’t vote for him but also state sector workers and others will also have to kneel before him,” the Minister added.

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