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Rajapakshe backs Rajapaksa

Former UNF Justice Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe declared his support for Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa today.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference in Colombo this morning, Rajapakshe said that the Yahapalana government was a failure that did not achieve what it had set out to do.

Rajapakshe emphasised that he was supporting candidate Rajapaksa as not doing so would mean that separatism and Islamic fundamentalism would take over the country. He will campaign for the SLPP candidate around the country and bring this message to the people, he said.

As Justice Minister, Rajapakshe said, he had prevented the government from arresting the former Defence Ministry Secretary under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

The actions of this government have destroyed the United National Party (UNP) as well as the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), he added.

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