Ranatunga nods to trade union demands

Minister of Transport Arjuna Ranatunga has agreed to look into the requests made by the railway trade unions at a meeting held yesterday (4 July), General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Free Railway Employees’ Association Nadeera Manoj said.

Manoj told RepublicNext that Ranatunga had assured the unions that he himself is carrying out an inquiry about the trade union official who was allegedly intoxicated at work and promised to take necessary action against him.

The General Secretary also said that the Minister promised to stop political interference against the General Manager and create an atmosphere for him to do his job independently.

“During the discussion the Minister told us that he will not accept the resignation letter of the General Manager nor will he let the General Manager resign. Therefore, we took his word and ended the strike,” Manoj told RepublicNext.

The General Secretary further said that train services returned to normalcy since this morning (5 July).

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