Ranil trying to internationalize recent Sri Lanka events: ex-diplomat

ECONOMYNEXT  – Sri Lanka’s Ranil Wickremsinghe, who was sacked in controversial circumstances is trying to internationalize events political crisis in the country, which will pave the way for external intervention, a former diplomat has said.

Wickremesinghe met mainly Western diplomats at his residence in Colombo, shortly after the political crisis began.

"The purpose was to agree on a narrative to legitimize external intervention, adding to and reinforcing arguments underlying human rights resolution 31/1 and the application eventually of the controversial term known as the responsibility to protect," Tamara Kunanayakam, a former Sri Lanka representative to the United Nations told reporters in Colombo.

"It is unprecedented that after the day after the president removed him and a new prime minister was sworn in, foreign envoys took a collective decision to meet formerly and jointly with an ousted prime minister in an office that was no longer his."

Kunanayakam works for an organization called ‘Eliya’ which is connected to ex-Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa’s political campaign.

"If an explanation was sought as to the situation in the country, the normal channel of communication for a foreign envoy was the foreign secretary," she said.

"Instead they met an ousted Prime Minister and together retained a common narrative of events which was then repeated in a coordinated manner in public statements, joint statements by the governments, by their allies, by international institutions they control and their NGOs, and then globally relayed by the mainstream international media."

Sri Lanka had postponed provincial elections for three years but no Western government had protested, she said. There was also a massive financial scam in the country, she said.

Sri Lanka was plunged into crisis after President Maithripala Sirisena, appointed Rajapaksa and Wickremesinghe insisted that he was still Prime Minister saying that the President cannot sack him under the constitution. (Colombo/Nov01/2018)






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