Ranjan continues his critique of clergy

Actor-politician Ranjan Ramanayake has walked back on his earlier statement on Facebook that half of the Buddhist Monks in this country are HIV positive.

This morning the post was edited to say that only ten Monks are HIV positive.

Ramanayake’s change of mind was perhaps because retired director of National STD/AIDS Control Programme Dr Nimal Edirisinghe said through his Facebook account today (17) that he personally knows 10 Buddhist monks who are HIV positive.

State Minister Ramanayake had also shared Dr Edirisinghe’s post on his Facebook account in support of his statement he made previously about the Buddhist clergy.

State minister has also been sharing videos and articles about sexual harassment and smoking of cigarettes by Buddhist monks from the past years.

Ramanayake who has also been critical about Catholic Clergy shared a post that the Vatican has issued fresh legislation against child abuse in the Papal state.

In Dr Edirisinghe’s Facebook post he says that those 10 Buddhist monks found out they had HIV when their blood was tested when they came to donate blood.

In his post, Edirisinghe says Public Health Inspectors went to those temples where the monks were residing to give them medication in order to prevent them from getting AIDS.

Further, Dr Edirisinghe said that he had treated many young Monks brought to their clinics who had been sexually abused.





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