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Ranjangate: Police to question judges connected to sound clips

Police have received instructions to record statements from the three judges whose recorded phone conversations with Actor-politician Ranjan Ramanayake were released to the public, the Attorney General’s Department said today.

AG Dappula de Livera instructed the Director of the Police Colombo Crimes Division to record statements from those judges without delay, the department’s spokeswoman Nishara Jayaratne told reporters today Jan 16.

The judges in question are Padmini Ranawaka, Gehan Pilapitiya and Dhammika Hemapala.

Hemapala who is the Baddegama Magistrate has been interdicted, the Judicial Services Commission announced today.

In 2015, Pilapitiya, a former Colombo Chief Magistrate lodged a complaint with the then Inspector General of Police N K Ilangakoon that he was “pressured” by Ramanayake on some cases. Pilapitiya is now a judge in the Embilipitiya High Court.

Ramanayake was heard discussing prospects of promotion for Ranawaka, who has since retired from government service. She was a High Court Judge at the time of retirement.

Ramanayake was arrested for the second time since the scandal broke last week on Tuesday. He stands charged with contempt of court under Section 110 C of the Constitution which deals with interference in the Judiciary.

The tapes in which Ramanayake chats with a range of people, and gossips with them about leading figures in politics, business and the entertainment industry, has gripped the imagination of the public.

The recordings, which Ramanayake made apparently without informing the person he was talking to, has blown the lid off the cosy relationships that these leading figures have with each other.

It is not yet clear how the recordings were leaked.





Some of the tapes are explicit in nature, while others reveal the connections politicians have with members of the judiciary, police and other officials.

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