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Ranjangate: Release the tapes of conversations with government members – Harin

Actor-politico Ranjan Ramanayake has audio recordings of phone conversations he had with the members of the current government in his possession, says Opposition Parliamentarian Harin Fernando.

The Former Minister made said this today (16 Jan) after visiting Ramanayake who in remand custody in Welikada.

Fernando also questioned as to why the recordings of Ramanayake having sexually explicit conversations with a fellow MP are being released while his phone chats with members of the government are being held back.

Fernando also said that it could not be only Ramanayake who made such phone calls. “We Sri Lankans are a gossipping nation, many of us have such conversations on the phone,” he said.

Fernando also questioned as to how Ramanayake, a Deputy Minister, could influence Judges and Law Enforcement officers. “If they are susceptible to influence from Ramanayake, surely they would be pliable before stronger, more powerful politicians,” he said.

The MP added that the tapes have revealed much about Ramanayake, but it has also exposed the true nature of politics in this country.

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