Rathana Thero disparaging Police and Security Forces – Mujibur

Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thero’s publicly pronounced distrust of the CID and comments to the effect that their documents are fake is damaging to the country, United National Party Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman said.

“The Thero is trying to tell the international community that the allegations made by the Tamil diaspora against our security forces are true by saying that he cannot trust the CID and that all the documents are fake,” he said.

At a media briefing held today (1) at Temple Trees, Muhibur said that no one had arrived at a final decision about Dr. Mohamed Shafi and that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had only submitted reported the progress of their investigations to the courts.

“The final decision will be taken after a committee comprising specialist doctors had inspected the women who had complained against Shafi,” said Muhibur.

“Rathana Thero had said mentioned going to the Hague or to the International Criminal Courts. But the Hague is there to solve disputes between nations. In any case, no one in Sri Lanka can go to international courts since [UNP Leader] Ranil Wickremesinghe when he was Prime Minister in 2002 did not sign the Rome Statute,” he added.

Rahman further said that Rathana Thero had said the same thing the Tamil diaspora had said about not trusting the decisions, courts, and judges of Sri Lanka, which was why they had demanded international judges to hear the case.

“In the statement, Rathna Thero made about a new Sinhala and Tamil alliance in Jaffna. We suspect what he means by Tamil is an alliance with the Tamil diaspora,” he added.

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