Recycling industry policy needed for Sri Lanka: Japanese expert

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka needs to have a recycling industry policy as one of its next priorities to cope with growing solid waste generation, Japanese expert advising the government has recommended.

Yoko Onuma,  a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), expert on waste management, said that to manage waste flow, it is important local authorities properly hand over recyclable wastes to private recycling industry after separate collection is done.

“However, recycling industry is still a minor industry in Sri Lanka, as many of them are individual business owners, and it is not well identified what kind of waste treatment is done by them,” she was quoted as saying in a statement.

“Since many local authorities have started separate collection and recyclable waste, the recycling industry development policy needs to be considered in Sri Lanka as one of the next policy targets to promote an appropriate waste disposal system in the country.”

The project by JICA, Japan’s foreign aid agency, is to support Sri Lanka to improve waste management by working closely with the people, community and all stakeholders involved.

JICA’s project to reduce pollution in solid waste management is being done with the Central Environmental Agency (CEA).
Three local authorities – Kurunegala Municipal Council, Ratnapura Municipal Council, and Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha – have been chosen as pilot project sites.

Work is being done to improve landfills and promote 3R activities (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) such as separate waste collection from households, shops and business offices at the pilot project sites.

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