Regulator calls for plant timeline from Sri Lanka power utility

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s power regulator has asked state-run Ceylon Electricity Board to submit an implementation plan with milestones for each plant in a newly approved generation plan.

Sri Lanka’s Public Utilities Commission said plants listed in the long term generation plan should be immediately constructed and operated to end a power shortage in 2018 and beyond.

The regulator said the plants included a 300MegaWatt natural gas unit, 170MegaWatt thermal unit, 105 gas turbine and several renewable plants with a capacity of 665MW.

Though called LNG it is expected that the 300MW plant will be run on diesel, until such time as an LNG terminal is built.

MegaWatt for MegaWatt, a thermal power will generate about twice or two and half times the energy as a renewable plant in Sri Lanka. (Colombo/Sept30/2016)

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