Rice shortage: “Not my fault,” says Dudley Sirisena

Rice Mogul Dudley Sirisena is blaming a lack of proper regulation and planning on the part of the authorities for the shortage of the essential commodity on the market and the resultant higher prices.

Speaking at a public event in Polonnaruwa yesterday Jan 01, Sirisena, the owner of ‘Araliya’ Rice mills, said 16 of his Rice silos were full but most of them were filled with the pricy Keeri Samba while only two silos had lower-priced popular types of Rice such as Nadu.

The government, through Media outlets backing it, are accusing the “Rice cartel” made up of the big-time Mill owners of creating an artificial shortage which has driven prices up by as much as Rs 20 per kilogram.

Sirisena is one of the two biggest Rice Millers in the country. The other is Siripala Gamlath, a UPFA Member of Parliament owner of the “Nipuna” Mill.

Meanwhile, Director-General of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) M.S.M. Fouzer told RepublicNext that the CAA is still studying the situation to impose price controls for other types of rice.

He also said that since the harvest of Maha season is due to enter the market in two weeks time the shortages will be eased.

However, he said that even last year there was a rise in price which went between Rs 110-125 but nobody panicked like this year.

Since unnecessary chaos was created this time over this issue the government decided to fix the price of Nadu and Samba which are the most consumed types of rice at Rs 98.

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