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Riverine regions warned as waters rise

The Disaster Management Centre has urged the people living in low lying areas on both sides of the Kalu Ganga and its’ tributaries in Ratnapura to be vigilant about floods.

The Center gave this warning due to the heavy rainfall that has been received in the area, the water level of the Kalu Ganga is rising.

The Department of Meteorology forecasts that showers will continue in the next few hours and during the past 24 hours, rainfall has been recorded at 59.0 mm in Kiriella, 99.0 mm in Palabaddala, 92.0 mm in Gilimale area and 172.0 mm in Kuda Wewa.

Several reservoirs reached spill level and the sluice gates of the Laxapahana, Upper Kotmale and Canyon were opened this afternoon.

Residents living downriver have been warned

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