Russia opens door to Sri Lanka fish: embassy

November 26, 2014 (EconomyNext) – Russia has given the nod for over a dozen Sri Lankan firms to export fish to the country, the island’s embassy in Moscow said as the European Union warned of an import ban over illegal fishing.

Federal Service of Veterinary Surveillance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, has given the nod for 14 Sri Lankan firms to export fish to the country.

The embassy said in a statement that the firms could also ship products to the Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan as the two countries had a customs union with Russia.

Sri Lanka firms could now export fresh or chilled fish, frozen fish, fish fillets, other fish meat, and dried or salted fish.

In 2013 Russia had imported 443,014 tons of such products valued at 1,581 million US dollars and 1,422 million US dollars up to September this year.

The Russian move comes as the European Union warned of an import ban for Sri Lanka fish over an illegal fishing after issuing a so-called ‘red card’ against the country.

Russia’s economic woes however are also expected to deepen with falling oil and mineral prices.

Countries such as Russia, Iran and Venezuela get belligerent when the United States Federal Reserve prints money, depreciates the dollar and send oil and commodity prices zooming up.

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