Sajin Vass alleges death threats

Former Member of Parliament Sajin Vass Gunewardena has lodged a complaint at Police headquarters against his former boss Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa alleging that the former President has threatened him and his family with death.

Police headquarters confirmed that Gunewardena had lodged the complaint against the former president on October 28 alleging he is under threat and asking for police protection.

Gunewardena told RepublicNext that the threat against him was from Rajapaksa but was “conveyed” to his wife allegedly by UPFA Kandy District MP Lohan Ratwatte.

Yesterday Gunewardena went public with his allegations at a press conference and released a recording of what he says is a conversation with Ratwatte in which the MP at one stage says “watch your back.”

Rajapaksa’s Media Secretary Rohan Welivita said that the former president “has never threatened Gunewardena.”

After being a favourite during the Rajapaksa regime Gunewardena appears to have fallen off the boat and has in recent weeks been campaigning for the United National Party. Welivita says Gunewardena “is marketing himself to the UNP hoping to get nominated at a future election.”

Gunewardena has been accused in multiple cases of fraud and misuse of government property during his time as head of the failed budget airline Mihin Lanka which cost the government millions of dollars.

Gunewardena has threatened to “expose” the wrongdoings of the Rajapaksa family if he or his family is harmed.

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