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Sajith opposed the death penalty in the past – Bandula Lal Bandarigoda

UNP MP Bandula Lal Bandarigoda, who presented a Private Member’s Bill to the parliament proposing the abolition of the death penalty, said that UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa who seems to be in favour of the death penalty at present favoured the contrary a few years ago.

Addressing a press conference held at Temple Trees this morning (18 July), the MP recalled that during the parliamentary debate held on 6 October 2015, Minister Sajith Premadasa said that death penalty is not the solution for the existing problems.

“I have the complete Hansard on Our Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa’s speech where at the end of his speech he says he doesn’t believe that the death penalty is the only solution. Mr Premadasa spoke of capital punishment in America and pointed out that there was a reduction in crimes in States where the death penalty is not applied than in the States where it is applied,” the MP said.

Asked what the UNP’s stance is regarding the matter, Bandarigoda said that UNP is completely against capital punishment.

Commenting further, the MP said that there are many reforms that need to be done before carrying out the death penalty.

“We live on an island and I don’t believe that many drugs are manufactured here. They come from elsewhere. So I think the rulers must hang themselves first if they fail to stop drugs coming into our country which is an island,” Bandarigoda added.

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