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Sajith promises to appoint a “new first time Prime Minister.”

Sajith Premadasa is saying that he will appoint a Cabinet of Ministers who are young vibrant and free of corruption allegations if he wins the Presidential elections on Nov 16.

“I will appoint a new, first-time Prime Minister who will be endorsed by the majority,” he said in an address broadcast on his Facebook page.

In the short 11-minute speech he said that the main question he has been asked on the campaign trail is how he would transform the current corrupt political structure of the country.

Sajith Premadasa address in English

One question that was asked how do we know that this time there will be change what is the guarantee that we won’t be let down by 225 MPs again?

In being asked that question many times, he said “it became clear to me that there is only one way for Sri Lanka’s problems can be fixed and that will be to clean up politics in this country while not sacrificing our cherished democracy and individual freedoms.”

He pledged that no person facing allegations of corruption will be given Ministerial positions and certain positions will be reserved for qualified professionals. He also said that positions will also be reserved for women and young people to maintain a gender and generational balance.

He went on to say that more projects will not solve this country’s issues.  “We have to change who holds power and how they hold power,” he went on.

“While Sri Lankan citizens are on the brink of hope, stranded in a stagnant economy and their livelihoods threatened by climate change, the old politics continues while a dangerous new, undemocratic or anti-democratic political option has arisen,” he warned.

He said no-one but the voter can change this and urged people to vote “to give Sri Lanka a fighting chance.”

He said that Sri Lanka’s system has to be completely changed, from how political campaigns are funded, the agendas of Media organization and even more dangerous, social polarization.





He said the greatest evil in Sri Lanka is the “greed for more power,” and exhorted citizens to unite for justice.

“Injustice and the greed of a few is costing millions of people at a chance for a better life,” he added.

Premadasa promised that if elected “no Minister will be able to appoint family members to important positions.”

Corrupt politicians will be dealt with in the same way drug dealers and abusers of women will be dealt with.

I will withdraw luxury vehicle permits to MPs and end the VIP culture in Sri Lanka.   

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