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Sajith wants better protection for women and children

ECONOMYNEXT – Former Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa is calling for an end to child abuse and violence against women.

Premadasa told reporters on Tuesday in Colombo that he had raised this issue in Parliament in January but got no answers.

“I was very sad and depressed at the news of rampant child abuse and violence against women,” he said

‘I asked government members of the parliament whether the criminals should be punished and should the punishment for these crimes be increased? Unfortunately, I got no reply regarding the question I asked from the members” he said. 

“I had to stand up in Parliament three times in order to get a proper answer and all I was told was they (the perpetrators) have psychological issues and mental problems that’s why some people behave in such a way.”

“I would like to ask isn’t it the government’s responsibility to protect women and children from being abused and violence? This type of individuals are also terrorists who abuse children and harm women,” he added. (Colombo, March 4, 2020)

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