Sajith wants Parliament reconvened

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s former Leader of the Opposition is calling on the country’s president to reconvene the recently dissolved parliament to deal with the COVID19 issue.

Sajith Premadasa who now heads an alliance vying for parliamentary power with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s own formation said he was willing to meet with Rajapaksa to come to an agreement to deal with what could become a crisis.

“We will meet with the president and we can discuss what we can do jointly,” he told reporters Friday.

Highly placed Parliament sources said that the out-going Speaker did not have the Constitutional power to reconvene the House. However, the President does have that power if he believes there is a national calamity.

Premadasa’s comments came as supermarkets were being drained of supplies as people stocked up on essentials and petrol stations became jammed with vehicles filling their tanks.

This was despite the country’s Army Commander Gen Shavendra Silva appearing on late-night television newscasts to reassure the country that there is no crisis and no shortage of supplies.

“By doing this, by stocking up you are creating shortages,” he warned.

The government also ordered all schools closed on Thursday as a precautionary measure and health officials advised Sri Lankans to refrain from going on pleasure trips in groups.

Premadasa also faulted the government for not preparing to deal with the coronavirus situation, pointing out to a speech that he made on February 5, calling on the government to make preparations.

Premadasa said many sectors of the country’s economy including export products and the construction industry were badly hit due to imports from China not arriving on time.





He said there were shortages of drugs in all rural hospitals and although there is no cure yet for COVID19 patients would have to be treated for secondary infections.

Sri Lanka now has two domestically transmitted cases and 64 suspected cases under observation at its premier Infectious Diseases Hospital near Colombo.

The first two confirmed cases are connected to the tourism industry with Patient 1 described as a tour guide. (Colombo, Mar 13, 2020)

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  1. Bullshit.You have to spend some million rupees for those rogues. Guess president has administration council. Let them sit together decide the steps has to be taken

  2. sajit premedasa i do feel this government is doing good work regarding prevention of the corona Virus.if you and your unp government was in power iam certain conditions would have been nothing but cahose.anyway after the g.e.your political carrier would be over. so till then you can shout.afterwards rip

  3. After dissolved …no tradition to re convened .
    It is better to go for 14 or 21 days of in house quorantine programme with closing down airports
    Then after new year go for the election .
    Time 7s money a d it is good that no one go for posters and meetings like developed countries better go for election.
    People know who to vote who to send home.
    We already know every bodies work and everyone in all parties not strangers to the country.
    So better not to postpone and better finish everything’s as per scheduled .postponing exam or election will not change result much.
    Dont fear facevthevchallenges.
    We need leaders who can face challenges and ready to improve it rather than talk and waste time.ratger than criticize opponents.
    Time is money too.

  4. keep these criminals away from president who can handle any nature of situation and this guy does not have any working experience and capacity.if this man wants to help current president ,HE CAN HAND OVER ALL CRIMINALS FROM HIS PARTY WHOSE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CENTRAL BANK ROBBERY.

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