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Sajith wants the whole country quarantined

Sajith Premadasa is calling for the whole country to be quarantined to prevent the further spread of the COVID19 virus.

The former Leader of the Opposition said the government is not following international trends where elections are being postponed, major events whether they are sporting events or traditional celebrations are being cancelled.

“Like Nero fiddled as Rome burned, the government is dreaming of electoral victory as the people face extreme danger from the COVID19 virus,” Premadasa told reporters in Colombo today.

Premadasa pointed out that in India, the United Kingdom, France and other countries measures are being taken to ensure public gatherings are kept to a minimum by putting off elections.

Local Government polls in London for instance have been postponed he pointed out.

He said that even in the United States where the Presidential elections are due in November there is an active discussion whether that should be postponed.

Premadasa leads a coalition that is challenging the ruling party for Parliamentary power at General Elections scheduled for April 25.

He appealed to the government to “temporarily postpone the elections until the threat of the coronavirus as abated.”

He said the elections and procedures going forward even today are placing the “lives of Public Servants in jeopardy.”





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