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Sampayo “arrest”: AG orders investigation on Negombo Police OIC, police media spokesman

ECONOMYNEXT – Attorney General Dappula de Livera has instructed Acting IGP C D Wickramaratne to conduct investigations against the Negombo Police OIC and Police Media Spokesman for making false statements regarding the arrest of Negombo Prison Chief Anurudda Sampayo.

Coordinating officer to the Attorney General State Counsel Nushara Jayaratne said that the AG has instructed investigation following CCTV footage found by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) which showed how the arrest of Sampayo was made.

CCTV footage shows the Negombo Police OIC in a jeep and Sampoya’s brother in a van behind awaiting Sampayo’s arrival. Sampayo was seen walking towards the police jeep after getting down from his vehicle and making a phone call in front of the OIC.

Sampayo was then seen handing his phone to the OIC to speak. The CCTV footage clearly shows the Negombo Police OIC warmly welcoming Sampayo.

Based on the footage, the AG has informed the acting IGP that any person looking at it does not see it as an arrest of an individual who was issued a warrant for but as a warm and pre-planned reception.

The footage further showed the Negombo Police OIC, after getting Sampayo in the back of the jeep, is waiting for someone else to arrive.

A journalist from a media organisation then arrives, and until his arrival the Negombo OIC can be seen engaged in leisurely conversation and allowing the individuals in the van that was stopped behind the jeep to talk freely with Sampayo.

After the arrival of the journalist, Negombo OIC himself allows the journalist to take a statement from Sampayo.

The footage clearly shows the Negombo Police OIC and Sampayo had together put on an act to indicate that a person who had been issued a warrant by the courts 11 days prior was finally being arrested.

The AG has instructed the acting IGP to conduct an investigation on the Negombo Police OIC for making a false statement that the arrest was made following an intelligence operation, contrary to what the CCTV footage revealed.





The AG also ordered an investigation against the Police Media Spokesman Jaliya Senaratne who made a statement to the media that Sampayo was arrested as a result of a tactical intelligence operation, misleading the public. (Colombo/Aug20/2020)

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