Search draws to a close as Sri Lanka toll hits 28

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s military carried out a recovery operation on Monday as they looked for seven people still missing after the collapse of the huge garbage mountain that collapsed killing at least 28 people.

Police sources said that the search operation had been planned out for four days, and after Tuesday, the authorities will take a fresh look at other options.

One dead body and a dismembered leg was found on Monday, raising the toll in Friday’s disaster to 28; authorities did not expect to find anyone else alive from the tonnes of rubbish that collapsed at Kolonnawa.

The Finance ministry said it will pay 100,000 rupees by way of compensation in respect of each individual killed, while a maximum of 2.5 million rupees will be paid for the loss of a home.

The compensation money will come from an insurance policy the state had taken against such disasters, the ministry said.

They said hundreds of people who will be relocated from the garbage dump area wil be given government apartments that are being constructed in the city. (COLOMBO, April 17, 2017)

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