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Seychelles patients who came to Sri Lanka need heart surgery, cancer treatment: embassy

ECONOMYNEXT – A group of Seychelles citizens who flew to Sri Lanka were in urgent need of medical care including cancer treatment and heart surgery, the embassy of the island said and they were tested for Coronavirus.

The embassy said it included 24 patients needing urgent medical care and 11 were critically ill.

The treatment sought included coronary angiography and angioplasty, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, tetralogy fallout corrective surgery, and retinal detachment repair.

The patients and relatives were brought by an Air Seychelles flight, which took back 14 Seychelles nationals who were stranded in Sri Lanka.

Seychelles said the Coronavirus case in Seychelles was detected on April 11, and the passenger who had come to Sri Lanka had taken a PCR test in Seychelles before flying.

“On arrival, they were transferred to a hotel in Wadduwa for paid quarantine and were under the watchful eyes of Sri Lanka Army and Ministry of Health, thereby complying fully with the quarantine protocol of the Government of Sri Lanka,” the embassy said.

“The Hemas Hospital medical team was present at the quarantine center to receive the patients, assess their health condition, and to decide on the care plan while in quarantine.

“The Hemas Laboratory team extracted the PCR samples from all 35 citizens of Seychelles and was sent for immediate testing. All tests were negative.”

“On completion of the quarantine period and clearance obtained after the second round of PCR testing for COVID 19, they will be admitted to Hemas Hospitals in Thalawathugoda and Wattala to continue their treatment and procedures.”

The embassy said the last Covid-19 patient had been discharged from hospital on May 07.





“It is also to be noted that Seychelles is testing for seven gene targets with RSPCR, making the test accurate in terms of specificity and sensitivity,” the embassy said.

Seychelles nationals had been coming to Sri Lanka for treatment for several years.

“On behalf of the Government of Seychelles, we wish to place on record our gratitude to the Government of Sri Lanka, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health, for enabling the visit..” the embassy said.

“This also highlights the confidence Seychelles has on Sri Lanka as a safe destination to send their non-COVID patients for treatment even during a pandemic.

“We salute the armed forces and the medical teams in Sri Lanka led by His Excellency President GotabhayaRajapakse for managing the pandemic very well that has given us the confidence to select Sri Lanka for medical treatment for foreign patients needing urgent critical care.” (Colombo/May25/2020-sb)

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