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Shafi case; Issue can be solved within a week-Patali

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka says that the issue of Dr Shafi Siyabdeen can be solved within a week.

Dr. Shafi has been accused by dozens of women that he rendered them infertile against their will.

Speaking at ‘The National Path’ event held in Galle last week, the minister said that Sri Lank Medical Council (SLMC) and the government should immediately resolve this and that these are not problems that can be solved by taking it to courts and hearing it for years.

Further, the minister said that it can be solved by finding out how many caesarian surgeries were performed by Dr Shafi and collect data on other Sinhala and Tamil doctors who perform Caesarian surgeries and compare and analyze the data alongside the data collected on Dr Shafi.

“Then the probabilities of mothers who found it difficult to conceive after undergoing Caesarian surgeries under Dr Shafi and other Sinhala and Tamil doctors should be calculated and scientifically analyzed them separately as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim,” he added.

He said that anyone with statistical knowledge can solve this within a week and they can even present those findings to the courts.

Further, he said that after collecting the data we can check whether there is a low percentage in mothers conceiving again after the caesarian surgeries performed by Dr Shafi and compare it to the percentages of other doctors who perform such surgeries.

“Such a sensitive issue, which could be solved instantly, should not be dragged on for months in courts and let fear breed amongst the Sinhala Buddhist community against Muslim doctors and community,” Ranawaka said.

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