Shafi case: More drama as Shani complains against Lawyer

The Police Department has lodged a complaint against a lawyer who has allegedly threatened Director CID SSP Shani Abeysekara over his investigative work in the Dr. Shafi case, Police Spokesman SSP Ruwan Gunesekara said.

The lawyer, Manoj Gamage, addressing the media on Saturday (27) at the Moratuwa Town Hall said that the CID should stick to the letter of the law when investigating the Shafi case.

“If the Director CID Abeysekara does not carry out his duties strictly according to the law, he should remember he will not have these powers forever,” said Gamage, adding that Abeysekara runs the risk of “wearing the jumper”, a euphemism for jail time.

Abeysekara lodged a complaint against Gamage at the Fort Police station yesterday (28) alleging that the lawyer has publicly threatened him.

The police department will also complain to the Chief Justice and the National Authority for the Protection of Victims of Crimes and Witnesses, Spokesman Gunesekara said.

In this case, a Senior House Officer at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital Dr. Shafi Siyabdeen has been accused of causing hundreds of women to be rendered infertile against their will.

However, after an exhaustive investigation, the CID has concluded that there is no evidence to charge the doctor and he has been enlarged on bail.

The case has a strong political tone to it as the accusations against Dr. Shafi have been brought by various individuals with direct links to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP). SLPP activists have been demonstrating against Dr. Shafi outside the courts.

It also has an Islamaphobic undertone as Shafi is alleged to have  made only Sinhala Buddhist women infertile.

Speaking to RepublicNext Gamage denied he threatened Abeysekara. “I only said that if he does not obey the law then he will have to go to jail,” he said.





Gamage also said that the Police were using tactics which were out of order.

Referring to a complaint that the Police have lodged against the Magistrate in the case Sampath Hewawasam, with the Judicial Services Commission, Gamage said the State lawyers could have filed a Revision Application in High Court if they were unhappy with the judge.

“If every litigant complains against the presiding judge to the Commission there will be no end to this,” he told RepublicNext, adding that he would be writing to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka explaining his position on the matter.

Police is already investigating the Director of the Hospital Dr. Sarath Weera Bandara under Section 183 of the Penal Code for obstructing the CID investigation. The director is reportedly a close associate of MP Wimal Weerawansha who is known for his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The police allege the Director impeded their investigation and eventually the Magistrate issued a court order compelling the hospital head to cooperate with the police.

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