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Shots fired at buses carrying Muslim voters

Police are investigating an incident where stones were thrown and shots fired at two buses carrying Muslim voters from Puttam to polling stations in Mannar this morning Nov 16, Police Headquarters said.

“The buses were slightly damaged, but no person was injured or killed,” the Duty Officer at the Police Media Division told RepublicNext.

The incident took place in the Tantirimale Police area, she added.

Muslim voters at the Tantirimale police station after the attack/WhatsApp image

The incident took place several hours before polls opened and the photos taken at the time show that it was before sunrise.

The voters also discovered that trees had been cut to block the buses which they had to remove.

Police said that “all the voters were able to reach the polling stations and cast their votes safely.”

These voters are from groups that were driven from their homes in Mannar by the LTTE in the 1990s. Some 40,000 Muslims in the North were evicted by the Tigers from their homes, their properties and belongings seized and many had to walk through jungles to safety.

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