Sirisena thunders heads will roll

President Maithripala Sirisena is promising to take stern action against officials who had prior information about the Easter Sunday attacks and failed to inform him and other political leaders.

Addressing the nation on national Television a short while ago the President said that the country must appreciate the fact that many security forces officers risked their lives in going after the perpetrators of these crimes, particularly the three police officers who lost their lives in attempting to apprehend these criminals.

“At this moment seven or eight powerful states are helping us to combat this menace.”

“ I must mention that the political circles as well as the general public are asking the question as to why information given to us by a friendly country was not disseminated. I want to categorically state that this information was not provided to me,” the President confessed

“If this information was provided to me I could have taken necessary action.”

Therefore, he said he has “decided to take stern action against these officers.”

The President went on to say that “ we have apprehended many of the people connected to these atrocities and gathered much information about what has taken place.”

The president said that he is proposing “a complete reformation of the intelligence apparatus.”

“We as a nation that faced the terrorism of the LTTE know that it was a home-grown terrorism, but what we are facing now is a global threat. “

“I hope that all of you understand that what we are facing now is a threat that we have to deal with greater intelligence, patience and understanding.”





“I give you a promise, an undertaking that we will use all the technology offered us by our partners and our resources to ensure that this does not happen again.”

We need to put aside our political and other differences at this time.

We have to realize that we have been chosen for this atrocity.

We have been settling down to a peaceful life and with this one cowardly act that has been destroyed. By pointing fingers at each other and accusing each other we achieve nothing.

I hope to set up a round table of all the stake holders so that we can arrive at a solution to the crisis  


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