Six arrested in Kurunegala over Easter attacks

Six persons allegedly connected to the Easter Sunday attacks were arrested by the police over the past two weeks from the Kurunegala area.

Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunesekar said yesterday (20 that among the arrested, three were initially arrested on 9 May by the Kurunegala Police following a tip-off that a certain group of individuals had been conducting a training camp at a coconut estate in the Alakoladeniya area, Kurunegala.

At a press briefing at the Ministry of Defence, SP Gunasekara said the owner of the coconut estate, the coordinator of the training sessions and a lecturer were arrested and are in remand custody until 24 May.

Two more suspects were arrested following further investigations on 11 May in Ambakote, Mawanella.

One suspect, the police spokesman said, was found to be a worker in the Kurunegala Hospital who had been receiving large sums of money to his personal bank account from different individuals.

“A number of bank cheques written to certain amounts were found in the possession of the second suspect arrested,” said Gunasekara

Another suspect was arrested on 18 May by the Kurunegala police for having links with the National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ).

It was found that the suspect was serving as a translator at the Sri Lanka Parliament for a period of 12 years.

According to Gunasekara, a total of 89 suspects have been arrested over the Easter attacks and, out of them, 69 suspects in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), while the remaining 20 are being held by the Terrorism Investigation Division.

Gunasekara also urged the media to only publish the official news given by the police and asked to avoid publishing news that would hinder ongoing police investigations and court cases.





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