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SJB alliance permanent, not targeting one election – Sajith

The United National Party (UNP)-led Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) was not established targeting a specific election but will continue as a permanent political alliance, SJB leader Sajith Premadasa said.

Speaking at the SJB’s launch event this morning, Premadasa said those backing the new alliance will not reverse the progress already made.

“The SJB is an alliance approved by the UNP’s Working Committee. Having obtained that approval, we will not step back,” he said.

In the alliance, Premadasa said, “there is no room for those who rob national resources and national property.”

“This new journey of ours is a clean one. National resources are not the property of politicians. It belongs to the people. Elected representatives are only temporary guardians. Everyone in the SJB stands committed to protecting the country’s resources for the next generation,” he said.

The SJB Leader and prime ministerial candidate further pledged that his alliance will follow policies that are based on meritocracy and will recognise the skills and talents of those whose services will be sought.

“As we earn income as a country through a free trade policy, we intend to distribute that income, wealth and resources to all citizens equally through social democracy. We reject racism and we will follow the policy of positive nationalism,” he said.

Premadasa, therefore, invited all “progressive forces” to join the SJB alliance in order to “build the nation”.

“We invite everyone including all UNP MPs, provincial and municipal council members to join us in this new journey. We will safeguard everyone who joins the alliance,” he said.





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