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SLFP-SLPP agreement on many issues – Amaraweera

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna are agreed on a wide variety of issues that they hope will lead to a common platform in the future, the Secretary-General of the United People’s Freedom Front Mahinda Amaraweera said today 28 Aug.

Amaraweera who has been part of the seven rounds of negotiations between the two parties over the past seven months or so, said there was a firm agreement that the current proportional-preferential system of elections to all elected bodies should be abolished.

“We have realized that this causes competition within the parties and therefore that has created a difficult situation,” he said.

Amaraweera told reporters that they were also agreed about the formation of a future Cabinet and felt that the number of Ministers should be limited to 30 and the subjects allocated “scientifically.”

He said that the SLFP sees that many of the economic problems that the country faces at present is due to heavy borrowing for projects “that are not yielding any return. Because of that we have become a heavily indebted nation,” he said.

He blamed the current economic situation on the open economy and the Executive Presidency.

“We have to reduce imports and increase national production,” he said.

He said a future deal with the SLPP would have to incorporate these policies.

Amaraweera added that the SLFP will have a discussion with the SLPP Presidential Candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa with regard to the alliance.





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