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SLFP still undecided; boasts of indispensability

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will take the right decision at the right time on the coming presidential election, SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri Jayasekara said.

Speaking at the 68th annual SLFP convention, Jayasekara said the party will prove crucial in the coming presidential election.

“There is a decisive election coming. No one candidate will gain more than 47% of the vote. Any vote more than 47% will be down to the SLFP. To pass the 50% mark, or to get even one vote more, the SLFP will prove crucial,” he said.

The SLFP will also decide the government elected at the next parliamentary elections too, thundered Jayasekara to loud applause from the full house at the Sugathadasa indoor stadium in Colombo.

“We’re not in a hurry. We will make the right decision at the right time. We have no personal agendas. We’re not ready to betray this party for those only looking out for themselves,” he said.

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