SLFP with Gota to create a safer country-Duminda

Sri Lanka Freedom Party Anuradhapura district MP Duminda Dissanayake said that the SLFP hopes to establish democracy, national security, national coexistence and a strong economy in this country by cooperating with Gotabaya Rajapaksa and ensuring his victory.

Speaking at Gotabaya’s inaugural rally held at Anuradhapura this evening (9 Oct) he said that although there were various differences with the SLPP, last night the SLFP decided to forget them and stand with Gotabaya.

“We saw what he has planned for the future of the children and the country,” he added.

Dissanayake asked all the SLFP followers, district and electorate organisers and everyone who is in the party to ensure the victory and paved the way for a new journey by standing with Gotabaya form a government.

Further, he said that he would like to request the Muslim and the Tamil community to stand with this cooperation and the future president Gotabaya just like they stood with the SLFP in the past.

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