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SLPP has accepted they cannot win without SLFP support-Nimal Siripala

SLFP parliamentarian Nimal Siripala de Silva said that SLPP had accepted the fact the presidential elections could not be won without the support of the SLFP.

“Basil Rajapaksa clearly accepted the fact that the support of SLFP is needed to win the election,” he added.

Speaking to the media this morning (2 Sept) at Colombo he said that the SLFP and SLPP are going into discussions because of the common view of forming an anti-UNP front.

He also said that although various SLPP people say things against the SLFP the common view of the party is to form the front with the help of the SLFP.

He added, “it is the will of the people to see the SLFP and SLPP join.”

De Silva also said both SLFP and SLPP members should be confident about the capabilities of respective parties but not be overconfident about them.

Further, he said that under the concept of ‘One Country One Law’ a document with 12 proposals were presented the Sectoral Oversight Committee on National Security in the parliament and guided the members of the committee in making relevant laws to be implemented.

He also added it is the responsibility of the relevant ministers to bring those laws before the parliament but the UNP is following a slow process in implementing these laws and is trying to take political advantage out of them.

According to de Silva, In the discussions with the SLPP, the main policies presented by the SLFP includes implementation of ‘One Country One Law’ concept, limiting of the cabinet of ministers to 30 ministers, increasing the participation of women in every format and division of ministeries on a proper scientific basis.

Answering a question raised by a journalist about raising hands in favour of the 19th amendment, he added “We were deceived by the promise made by the UNP to change the current voting system in elections to a voting system based on a method of equidistribution and electorates by the 19th  amendment,”





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