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Some Easter suspects were in India, possibly for training – Army Commander

Some of the key players suspected to be involved in the Easter bombings had travalled to India, likely to receive training, Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake said.

In an interview given to BBC Pakistan and Afghanistan Correspondent Secunder Kermani today (3) on the investigations into the deadly attack, Lt. Gen. Senanayake said some of the suspects had travelled to Kerala, Bangalore and Kashmir.

Authorities believe this was for training, Kermani quoted the Commander as saying, adding that one of the suicide bombers, Abdul Jameel Lathief, had tried to join ISIS in Syria in 2015.

“The majority of the network responsible for the bombings had now been detained (or are dead), but [Lt. Gen. Senanayake] believes foreign IS operatives helped plan the attacks,” tweeted Kermani.

There is no specific intel of further attacks in Sri Lanka, the Commander added.

However, Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith had yesterday circulated a letter bearing his signature warning of an impending attack on an unnamed church of some prominence as well as an apostolic centre over the weekend.

Reports have also surfaced of a planned attack on bridges in Colombo, prompting the authorities to tighten security at railway stations and other locations.

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