Some Private bus workers to stage token strike tonight

The All Island Private Bus Employees Association (AIPBEA) says that an island wide 24 – hour strike would be carried out by their members from midnight today (09) protesting the increase in fines for a series of road traffic violations.

They point to the high Rs.25,000 fine imposed by the government for several traffic violations.

They are demanding that the government to provide them with a concession.

AIPBEA convener U.K Kumararathna Renuka told RepublicNext that high fines for traffic offenses such as exceeding the speed limit and overtaking from the  left are not reasonable.

Renuka agreed that high fines should be levied for drunk driving “We do not say that the drunk drivers shouldn’t be charged Rs. 25 000. What we ask for is a reasonable fine. We are also mindful of  the inconvenience caused to the public and that is why we limit the strike for 24 hours.”

A spokesperson from the National Transport Commission (NTC) told RepublicNext that they haven’t been informed yet about the strike.

Other private bus unions will not be joining.

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