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Special needs children not being served well – Auditor General

Sri Lanka’s Children with Special needs have been badly served by the state, according to a report to be released by the Auditor General’s department tomorrow.

The report looked at the performance of the various government agencies tasked with enabling these children to get education and employment.

This report will be presented to the Committee on Public Accounts tomorrow morning.

The report is said to have found many lapses in the task of enabling these children.

The audit has aimed to find out what health benefits were given to the children identified as having special needs, what education they have received and whether were given employment.

The report is said to have found a number of shortcomings in this endeavour.

They include syllabuses being incomplete, teachers who had the training to deal with these children not being deployed at the right places and job opportunities not being available for them.

According to an article published by the Institute of Policy Studies in April 2016, 62 per cent of children with special needs get schooling while 34 per cent get no schooling at all. Only one per cent get vocational training.

The highest number of these children are found in the estate sector where a high 9.2 per cent are identified with challenges while in the rural areas the number is 8.2 per cent and in urban Sri Lanka it is 7.2 per cent, the same article quoted census data as revealing.





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