Sri Lanka all but Chinese colony; those opposed to India mum about China: CBK

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has all but become a colony of China and trade unionists and others who vehemently opposed a recent deal with India haven’t said a word in protest, Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga said.

Speaking to the privately owned NewsFirst network yesterday at a ceremony marking the death anniversary of her late husband Vijaya Kumaratunga, the former president said the parties that opposed the Indian deal are keeping mum about every national asset allegedly being handed over to China.

Kumaratunga was likely referring to the now-scrapped plan to hand over a minority stake in the Eastern Container Terminal (ECT) of the Colombo Port to a firm in India. The proposed deal drew heavy opposition from trade unions, left-leaning political parties, members of the clergy and sections of the government itself.

“If you look at their bank accounts – those in trade unions and others – how they become millionaires overnight – you have to wonder,” said Kumaratunge.

Both her parents – former Prime Ministers S W R D and Sirimawo Bandaranaike – followed a decidedly non-aligned foreign policy, a policy that she herself adopted in her years as president, she said.

“We didn’t bow down to anybody. Those who are in charge must have an understanding of foreign policy and foreign relations,” she said, noting that certain individuals in the present government used to openly mock the very idea of foreign relations.

“Today, for all intents and purposes, we are a colony of China,” she added.

Kumaratunga further said that in order for Sri Lanka to make any progress, the people must change in their outlook and look for leaders of a different calibre.

“Each administration keeps undermining the one that preceded it. This is no way forward for this country. The people must change first. To change the people, the education system must be overhauled. We also need political leaders of a different calibre: young, educated, not given to corruption – people who do not treat politics as a business opportunity,” she said.

People of some means – not necessarily wealthy families, but gainfully employed professionals such as doctors, lawyers and even entrepreneurs – must take over, she said.





“They don’t all need to be educated either. We just need people who are willing to serve the country with integrity and go after two terms,” she said.

Asked if she will step forward to save the country, Kumaratunge said: “I take a step every day. I don’t know if it is to save the country, but I have no intention of stepping back.” (Colombo/Feb17/2021)

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  1. Wear your mask lady cos it’s the law! Police arrest only the poor who cannot afford a mask! They may even be ignorant of the facts of wearing a mask..

  2. Well we defineatly need educated people and people with some knowledge of managing a country This is like going to the middle East on a contract for five years,and make your money to hell with country,end of the day who cares.The rich and the educated will never swindle and be corrupt,thats reality.

  3. Yes madam, you are right, Are the unions bribed by those in power in China for remaining silent on the planned colonisation by China?
    Why the unions are silent over the handing over of the islands in the north to Chinese companies?

  4. CBK did not hesitate to sell the National Carrier Air Lanka to Emirates but she did not talk the same language at that time.

  5. Who knew? Until our lady Oracle told us? She should know tho. After all it was her mum who got us cosying up to Mao, and his Little Red Book was the rage in Colombo, until the JVP followed its saying that ‘Power Comes Out of the Barrel of a Gun” and unleashed the mayhem of 1971.

  6. Sri Lanka governing group is mesmerised by the propaganda of China, especially, Silk Road propaganda. China is taking the complete advantage of economically weak and unstable countries by providing loans, substandard products, services, infrastructure messing etc. to countries such as Sri Lanka. This country is alleged for human rights violations, intellectual property thefts, discrimination of its own people. Following them on the Silk Road is dangerous for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka should stay close to her traditional friends and democratic countries for her prosperety.

  7. Chandrika was always bowing down to the Western powers. That was the biggest problem SL had. That is the root cause.

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