Sri Lanka announces administered prices

EconomyNext – Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority was scheduled to gazette on Thursday night new administered prices of several consumer products on which taxes were reduced in the new government’s interim budget.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that the "relief on essential items and cement given by the recent interim budget is to be gazetted tonight, 19 February."

Maximum retail prices of ordinary Portland, Portland limestone and masonry cement would be 840.00 rupees for a 50-kilo bag.

Also to be gazetted were bread, at 54.00 rupees for 450 grams, white sugar (unpacked) at 90.00 per kg, milk powder 400 Grams at 325.00, Sustagen (400 grams tin) at 1,500.00, unpacked wheat flour 90.00 per kilo, green gram at 280.00 per kilo, sprats at 525.00 per kilo, canned fish at 260.00 per 425 grams, coriander in crushed form at 348.00 per kilo, black grams (undu) at 285.00 per kilo, Maldive fish at 1740.00 per kg, turmeric not crushed at 265.00 per kg, and crushed chillies at 350.00 per kilo.

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