Sri Lanka Army, Lanka Hospitals run facility to house tourists with Coronavirus

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will house tourists confirmed with Coronavirus at a hospital resort in Koggala which is run by the Sri Lanka Army and Lanka Hospitals Plc, following a decision at a meeting of industry stakeholders, the President’s office said.

“A decision was taken to shuttle the infected tourists to the hospital in Koggala managed by Lanka Hospital (Pvt) Limited and Sri Lanka Army,” the statement said.

“President instructed officials to pay due attention to direct the tourists as per the approved tourism plan.”

In January Long Beach Hotel in Koggala was converted to a paid Coronavirus hospital run by the Sri Lanka Army for mainly asymptomatic confirmed patients.

Sri Lanka requires pre-flight Coronavirus tests for tourists and one immediately before check in, as well as later.

Less than 1 percent of tourists who had so far arrived in the country had been confirmed with Covid-19, the meeting had been told.

In Sri Lanka’s vaccination program, priority will be given hotel employees, tour guides and drivers. (Colombo/Feb18/2021)

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  1. It is time that Sri Lanka open hassle free policy for international travellers who are arriving after having received vaccination .
    Too many people without educated medical knowledge are involved in making decisions with regards to this issue and thereby confusing and inconveniencing honest people who wants / need to come to beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka.

  2. For everything, President said this and He said that ect.,
    In that case, why do we need to be appointed Officials to conduct activities that do not know anything but only on President’s directives?
    Are the Officials invalids or unable to think?
    This attitude or promoting President journalism must stop.
    Authorities must take responsibilities and own up for the shortcomings as well.

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