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Sri Lanka asked to lure American tourists visiting India

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka should target American travellers coming to India and make the United States its next source market, an official from the market research firm EuroMonitor has said.

“A leading source market for India is the US,” said EuroMonitor’s Shabori Das. “Sri Lanka should be targeting American tourists coming to India.”

Travellers coming to India usually also visit Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, she told the ‘Future of Tourism’ summit organised by the Cinnamon group of hotels.

These destinations provide travellers with the perfect combination of budget travel along with exotic locations, Das said.

“Anyone coming to India, Sri Lanka can attract. As a result Sri Lanka has very strong potential.”

India is the top source market of tourists for Sri Lanka.

Das said Sri Lanka and the Maldives provide similar destinations with beaches, sun and resorts with their leading source markets being European countries.

But one economy not present in Sri Lanka or Maldives but is a leading source market for India is the US which the island should be targeting in its marketing campaigns, Das said.

Americans are already visiting the region and are known t be high spenders.

“Sri Lanka should ensure the US is its  next source market,” Das said.  (Colombo/September 28 2015)





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