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Sri Lanka backs stronger economic and maritime links with Indian Ocean rim nations

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is backing greater maritime and economic links with nations bordering the Indian Ocean, ranging from Australia, to South African and incorporating several small oceanic islands.

At a meeting of the council of ministers of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) in Padang Indonesia, Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva had pledged to back the organizations objectives and work plan.

The organization is committed to promote sustainable growth among its members, remove barriers and move towards enhanced flow of goods, services, investments and technology within the Indian Ocean rim.

It is a tripartite organization involving government business and academia.

In addition to a core membership made up of Asian, African and Middle Eastern national bordering the Indian Ocean it has China, Japan, Egypt, France, USA, UK and Germany as ‘dialog partners’.

Deputy Minister de Silva had also had talks with foreign ministers of Australia, Mauritius, South Africa and Deputy Ministers of India, Singapore on the sidelines of the IORA meeting.

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