Sri Lanka backs Vietnam’s Há»™i An International Food Festival 2017

ECONOMYNEXT – An international food festival at Vietnam’s historic city of Há»™i An was held for the second year, with 12 countries including Sri Lanka taking part, the island’s embassy in Hanoi said.

"The event marked a milestone in progress of bringing the best culinary practices and tourism to Hoi An, while bringing Vietnamese cuisine to the world," the statement said.

The food festival welcomed 12 chefs from Sri Lanka, Finland, Greece, Germany, Russia, India, Mauritius, Taiwan, Sweden, Slovenia, Malaysia and USA, with Trinh Diem Vy, chairperson of Hoi An culinary event, demonstrating Vietnamese cuisine.

Vy is a restaurateur and specialist in the cuisine of the region and has authored books, according to the festival website –

Keerthi Hapugasdeniya, a Sri Lankan chef residing in Australia, is co-founder of the culinary event.

Sri Lanka’s embassy in Hanoi said it had given active support to host a reception for the participants.

Vietnam’s Há»™i An food International Festival 2017 ran from March 20 to 26.

Há»™i An, is an historic city in Vietnam’s Centre and now a UNESCO world heritage site along with nearby Huế, and the region plays host to some of the finest and varied cuisines in the country.

Há»™i An was an important maritime commercial hub of Champa, a Hindu-Buddhist indianized civilization, although its origins stretch further, students of history say.

Há»™i An had strong links with Indianised cultures in Indonesia and warred with them frequently.





Cuisine in the Centre including in Hội An and Huế (the seat of the last King of Vietnam) has a unique regional flavour using more spices than the rest of the country. (Colombo/Mar31/2017)

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