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Sri Lanka beats Superbowl, Area 51 for top spot in Google’s ‘where is’ queries

Sri Lanka has topped Google’s (US) “where is” category in its Year in Search trends report for 2019.

According to stats published on Google Trends analysing search queries made in the US, “where is Sri Lanka” entries peaked around the time of the Easter Sunday attacks in April.

Related queries include ‘sri lanka bombings’, ‘where is sri lanka on the globe’ and ‘bombing in sri lanka’.

‘Where is Sri Lanka’ beat ‘where is the Super Bowl this year’ and and ‘where is Area 51’ for the top spot. The Area 51 query is noteworthy as ‘Storm Area 51’ was a vastly popular meme on the internet that rose to prominence around June this year.

Sri Lanka had also been named Lonely Planet’s best country to visit in 2019, not long before the devastating suicide attacks.

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