Sri Lanka bond yields ease

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s bond yields fell Monday ahead of a weekly Treasuries auction with higher interbank liquidity, taking breather from recent increases, dealers said.

In early afternoon trade, bond yields were down about 10 to 20 basis points from last Friday, especially on longer tenors, dealers said.

At last week’s Treasury bill auction more money was printed to keep short term rates down, but excess liquidity has gone up this week amid dollar purchases, data shows.

Some of the more liquid bond yields quoted on Tuesday is given below:

2-year 01.04.2018 bond quoted at 8.90/9.05 percent down from 9.00/10 percent last Friday,

3-year 01.11.2019 bond quoted at 9.50/65 percent down from 9.55/75.

4-year 15.12.2020 bond quoted at 9.55/70 percent down from 9.75/95

09-year 01.08.2025 bond quoted at 10.70/75 percent down from 10.90/95

14-year 15.05.2030 bond quoted at 11.00/10 down from 11.10/40

19-year 15.03.2035 bond quoted at 11.10/30 down from 11.40/60





25-year 01.01.2041 bond quoted at 11.35/50 down from 11.75/95 last Friday.

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