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Sri Lanka bond yields up over the week

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s bond yield closed higher Friday, with longer term yields moving up faster over the week, despite some easing earlier in the week, dealers said.

Though 2 and 3-year yields were steady 8 to 10 year yields rose 20 to 30 basis points higher. A 10-year bond auction is also due Monday.

Treasury bill yields also rose at Wednesday’s auction.

A selection of bond yields quoted Friday are given below.

2-year bonds maturing on 15.05.2017 closed at 7.05/1.15 percent down from 7.10/20 last week.

3-year bonds maturing on 01.06.2018 closed at 7.82/92 percent down from 7.82.90 last week.

4-year bonds maturing on 15.09.2019 closed at 8.05/20 percent up from 7.95/8.05 last week.

5-year bonds maturing on 01.05.2020 closed at 8.30/40 percent up from 8.22/28 last week.

6-year bonds maturing on 01.08.2021 closed at 8.75/80 percent up from 8.67/72 last week.

7-year bonds maturing on 01.07.2022 closed at 9.10/20 percent up from 9.10/20 last week.





8-year bonds maturing on 01.09.2023 closed at 9.35/40 percent up from 9.25/28 last week.

9-year bonds maturing on 01.01.2024 closed at 9.45/55 percent up from 9.25/35 last week.

10-year bonds maturing on 15.03.2025 closed at 9.55/75 percent up from 9.35/45 last week.

15-year bonds no quotes

20-year bonds maturing on 15.03.2035 closed at 9.75/10.25 percent up from 9.60/10.00 last week.

30-year bonds maturing on 15.03.2045 closed at 10.50/11.25 percent up from 10.50/11.00 last week.

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