Sri Lanka bonds opens flat, rupee marginally weaker

ECONOMYNET – Sri Lanka’s rupee was quoted at 178.70/179.00 levels to the US dollar in the spot market Tuesday, stocks were slightly down in the first hour of trading bonds were flat, dealers and brokers said.

The rupee closed around 178.60/75 to the US dollars on Monday, with some market selling, dealers said Interventions were visible forex markets last week.

In money markets call money and repo were quoted at 8.90/9.00 percent.

Sri Lanka’s court of appeal suspended Mahinda Rajapaksa and a disputed cabinet from carrying out duties in office until a final decision on a challenge by legislators is heard later this month.

In bond markets a three-year bond maturing on 01.03.2021 was quoted at around 11.60/75 percent on Tuesday around the same levels as a day earlier.

A five-year bond maturing on 15.07.2023 was quoted around 11.85/12.00 percent, unchanged from a day earlier.

An 8-year bond maturing on 15.06.2027 was quoted at around 12.20/25 percent, unchanged. (Colombo/Nov30/2018)

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