Sri Lanka Com Bank says warded off hacker attack

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Commercial Bank said it had been subject to a hacking attack against which it defended itself with no loss of customer data or passwords and that it had hired outside experts to check its defences.

“There was a hacking attack on our website and the bank took immediate corrective steps,” a statement said.

“Our systems are fully secure and operational. The hacking attack was also immediately communicated to the relevant authorities.

“We confirm that no sensitive customer data or valuable passwords were lost due to this intrusion. We are taking every measure to protect the privacy of our customers and have engaged external parties to review all our systems to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist.”

The Commercial Bank statement came after Swift, the inter-bank messaging system, warned customers that hackers have struck again, attacking a commercial bank client that it didn’t identify.

It was the second hack follow a cyber theft in February, when more than $80 million was stolen from Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Swift, a Belgian co-operative owned by member banks, last month warned users last month that it was aware of several similar attacks.

The attackers exhibited a "deep and sophisticated knowledge of specific operational controls" at targeted banks and may have been aided by "malicious insiders or cyber attacks, or a combination of both," SWIFT said in a statement.
(COLOMBO, May 16 2016)

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