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Tuesday May 11th, 2021

Sri Lanka Coronavirus curfew in Colombo suburbs as cross-infections probed in fish market

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has imposed curfews in Mattakkuliya, Modara, Bloemendal, Grandpass and Wellampitiya police areas, the state information office said after the discovery of sub-cluster of infected persons around a fish-market in Peliyagoda where officials had suspected cross-infections.

The state information said Thursday curfew has been placed until further notice.

Sri Lanka’s anti-Coronavirus task force had been analyzing the data from the fish-market, where officials had said cross-infection may have taken place with the main cluster in Minuwangoda.

“When we analyzed the spread of the contacts, we saw a possible risk,” General Silva told Sri Lanka’s Derana Television.

“This curfew is imposed after analyzing the spread of contacts. We will take steps to allow foodstuffs in the future. Essential services could continue.”

He said curfews will be imposed based on data.

Authorities found 49 confirmed cases at a fish market in Peliyagoda, north of Colombo on Wednesday after testing 150 persons.

On October 22, the another 06 persons were confirmed from the fish-market sub-cluster.

Authorities said curfew will be imposed on Kotahena from 1800 hours.

The fish market was shut down around ding mid-morning Wednesday October 21, and over persons in the market were quarantined.

General Silva said another 800 had been sent on home quarantine.

Wednesday random tests were conducted at the fish market because several already confirmed cases in the Minuwangoda cluster had said they had visited the market.

Two persons in Mulleriyawa and Wellampitiya, who worked at the fish-market had been confirmed, media reports said Wednesday night.

Cross Infections

General Silva said there were some traders in Wattala, and others South of Colombo going up to Panadura had visited the fish market. They also had links to the Minuwangoda cluster separately, he said.

Reports said 21 of the 49 positive cases had come from Gampaha. Authorities had already placed Gampaha under curfew till Monday.

Sri Lanka’s Chief Epidemiologist Sudath Samaraweera said cross infections could be taking place.

“We do not know whether there were cross infections taking place, but we conducted random tests at the fish-market based on information,” he told reporters.

However what was happening in Sri Lanka did not fit the definition of community transmission, he said, where cases turned up from here and there with no connection.

Sri Lanka’s stocks plunged 4 per cent on Wednesday as more cases were found in Colombo.

Meanwhile, supermarkets are making customers write down their names and addresses on a book, sharing a pen touched by virtually every customer. Customers who have pens also have to place their palm on the book touched by every customer.

In buses, commuters are passing around books and pens touched by everybody else and writing their contact detail keeping books on their laps.

The requirement to touch books and pens touched by everyone else in Sri Lanka is coming as countries like Korea are finding innovative ways to work and visit building not touching surfaces or items touched by others.

Kalutara Mini-Cluster

Sri Lanka has also locked down several villages in Kaluthara South of Colombo to contain Coronavirus, the state information said while Gampaha district north of the capital is under Coronavirus curfew till Monday.

The villages of Gorokgoda, Beragama, Dapiligoda and Kakulanda North in Agalawatte division and Bellana in Palinda Nuwara division have been isolated.


Sri Lanka locksdown villages in Kalutara to contain Coronavirus, daily Covid-19 total 166

General Silva said it was to contain a mini-cluster that had developed from around Matugama buses where a driver and conductor had tested positive at first, where a nurse at the general hospital was also tested positive.

The owner has had several other buses and where the drivers had tested positive.

There has also been group of infected persons in Kuliyapitiya.


Sri Lanka probing Kuliyapitiya Coronavirus mini-cluster

Sri Lanka has confirmed 166 new Coronavirus cases on October 21 taking the total to 2508. On October 22,

General Silva said 186 persons who had recovered had left hospital over the past three days.

Sri Lanka’s total Coronavirus cases had risen to 5,978, and 2,464 are under medical treatment, health ministry data showed. (Colombo/Oct22/2020-sb)

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