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Sri Lanka Coronavirus deaths rise as Covid-19 cases surge: 19-year old dies

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka’s Coronavirus deaths went up with a 19 year old male confirmed with Coronavirus after being admitted to the National Hospital in Colombo, the island’s ant-Covid-19 task force said.

At the same time another 87 year old patient had also passed away.

Earlier in the day, the ant-Covid-19 task for reported Sri Lanka’s 17th death with a 41-year-old male from Ja-Ela, at the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) hospital.

The patient was admitted to IDH on October 24 and passed away around 1130 hours today (27).


Sri Lanka changes Coronavirus measures as Covid-19 surges, home quarantine, centres as hospitals

Sri Lanka records 17th COVID-19 death as total cases reach 8,413

Sri Lanka has confirmed 541 cases on October 26, taking the total to 8,412 with most of them coming from the community and the country abandoned institutionalized quarantine.

Of the days total 499 came from the community and 42 came from quarantine centres, data released by the state information office showed.

Sri Lanka’s army chief Shavendra Silva said first contacts of confirmed patients would no longer be quarantined in centres but would be kept at home.





“When home quarantining we hope that they will stay at home and engage in quarantine,” General Silva said.

“We expect they will not go out, and be a threat to their neighbhours or society. We appeal to everyone to stay at home and engage in quarantine.”

Sri Lanka has 8,090 persons in quarantine.

General Silva said contacts from highly congested areas especially if the community shared bathrooms or the Public Health Inspectors thought it necessary, people would be taken for institutionalized quarantine.

Arrangements would be made to give people in home quarantine PCR test, he said.

Some of the quarantine centres would be turned into treatment centres for younger and asymptomatic patients with no underlying complications.

“Some of the infected persons from the Minuwangoda factory left as early as 10 days,” he told local television. “We had operated the Kandakadu as a treatment centre at one time. So we can do this.

“Also hotels have separate bathrooms for each room. They can also be used, and people will have better facilities,” he said.

Many countries including China and Korea have used temporary hospitals to keep asymptomatic patients.

Home quarantine of F1 contacts is a departure from the process followed by the most successful countries like Vietnam which completely killed the epidemic in the first half of 2020 and had only one outbreak in July-August 2020, which was also killed.

However similar processes are followed in Korea, where there is a steady trickle of cases, which surge from time to time.

South Korea which has a population of 51 million and is an OECD country has had reported 25,955 cases and 457 deaths.

Korea has extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines to supply oxygen directly to the blood for patients whose lungs are too damaged to for mechanical ventilators to help and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) a type of permanent dialysis when kidneys fail.

Such techniques allow patients with complications to be kept alive longer for the body to fight back.

Sri Lanka however has around 500 beds with mechanical ventilators.

Korea has seen 457 deaths compared to 35 in Vietnam, where the authorities follow a principle of ‘working like ants’.

Vietnam, which has a population of 97 million has reported 1,161 cases up to October 26 and 35 deaths, all in the July – August outbreak, which has now been stamped out.

The head of Sri Lanka’s Public Health Inspectors Union said on October 26 his members and intelligence officers were stretched as they struggled to cope with the rising numbers.

Sri Lanka’s Government Medical Officers Union warned that community transmission was imminent and called travels restrictions at the border restrictions in five districts. (Colombo/Oct27/2020)

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