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Sri Lanka Coronavirus deaths rise by 5 to 29, 383 new Covid-19 cases

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Coronavirus deaths rose to 29 with 5 new patients reported dead including several dying at home on November 05 while the state information department said 383 new Covid-19 cases were reported.

Sri Lanka is doing about 11,000 tests a day.

The new deaths came from the Western province where hundreds of new cases are being discovered from random tests and deaths are being reported from people at home.

A 68 year old female from Wellampitiya had been admitted to hospital with chest pains on November 04, had passed away.

A 58 year old female from Colombo 12, had died at home and was confirmed with Coronavirus by a post-mortem.

A 73 year old female from Colombo 14 had died at home, with a lung infection related to Coronavirus.

A 74 year old from Colombo 15 had died at home, due to a heart attack related to Coronavirus.

A 46-year old male had died after being admitted to Pimbura hospital.

Sri Lanka saw 13 deaths in the first wave of infections and deaths have doubled with over 12,400 confirmed cases being reported.





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