Sri Lanka Coronavirus deaths rise to 58, new Covid-19 cases 704

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s has reported five new Coronavirus deaths taking the total to 58, Director General of Health Asela Gunewardene was quoted as saying with one home death and two dying on admission.

A 54-year old male from Jinthupitiya, Colombo 13 had died at National Hospital. He was a long time cancer sufferer whose condition had worsened due to Covid-19.

A 39-year old male from Colombo 15 had been admitted to Homagama Hospital. He was a cancer sufferer and had contracted pneumonia from Covid-19.

An 88-year old male from Colombo 12 had come with a complaints of chest pains had been found to be dead on admission. He had died of heart disease from Covid-19.

A 79-year old male from Colombo 08, Borella had died at home. Covid-19 had worsened a lung condition.

An 88-year old male from Colombo 13 had died on admission to National Hospital. He had died of Covid-19 linked heart condition.

Authorities are insisting there is no community transmission in Colombo.

Sri Lanka’s Chief Epidemiologist Sudath Samaraweera asked people to wear masks and work on the principle that person at the work place could be infected and strangers that one meets may also have Covid-19 and follow health rules.

On Monday a travel restriction out of the Western province is being lifted. Several high risk areas in Colombo are under lockdown.






Sri Lanka Coronavirus isolation in Colombo tightened, EDB, BOI firms can work

Sri Lanka had confirmed 704 new Coronavirus cases on Sunday taking the total from the new outbreak to 13,788.

At least another three who are not categorised as Covid-19 deaths had committed suicide.

The total Coronavirus cases confirmed went up to 17,287, with 11,495 recovering.

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